Wedding Venue Management Software

Oz will help streamline how you manage your wedding venue.


What are the features of wedding venue management software?

Oz is designed to help you manage wedding venues with maximum efficiency. If you manage venues like theatres or vineyards or you’re a wedding planner who needs to communicate with multiple venues for multiple weddings, you can benefit from these particular integrated tools Oz offers with their wedding venue management software.

User Management: Oz understands that not all employees have the same responsibilities or permissions, so the wedding venue management software allows you to assign security roles for all users.

Contact Management: If you’re a wedding planner, your contacts are what make your business successful. Oz organizes contacts by events, inquiries, tasks or by groups of individuals which makes finding a contact simple and quick.

Events/Booking Management: Booking weddings can become complicated when working with multiple venues, locations within a venue, or multiple clients. Oz band booking software makes this easy by relating all of your event data so that you can view all information regarding an event in one place including emails, participants, payments, etc.

Invoice Management: Oz makes starting a transaction with clients easy by integrating Quickbooks. You can create, manage and sync invoices without having to use multiple separate softwares. This means you can search within the Oz app for an invoice and see the contacts involved, and emails exchanged with those clients all in one view.

Calendar and Google Integration: The Oz application is fully integrated with Google so you’re able to connect the weddings booked at your event with Google Calendar. In addition to being a web-based application that syncs to the cloud, the Oz application lets you sync to Google Calendar so you can access your venue’s schedule on any smartphone, tablet, etc.

Payment Management: included in the Quickbook integration is the ability to receive payments from invoices sent to those who have booked your venue and make payments to vendors who are servicing the wedding.

What is the best wedding venue management software?

The best wedding venue management software is one that allows you to optimize the weddings booked in your venues by organizing and streamlining the booking process. You should be able to access critical tools for wedding venue management from any device at any time including your contacts, calendars, emails, contracts, and payments. Oz wedding venue management software does just this. What sets Oz apart is that these functions are tightly integrated so you can access any of the information you need with just a single click.

What are some of the planning and organizational tools used in wedding venue management?

Some popular tools to help with band booking organization and management include Google Drive, Slack, Monday and IFTT. Thankfully, Google is fully integrated with Oz, so you are able to use the drive strategically with the Oz band booking software. Slack is one of the most popular platforms for communication between groups of people and maybe helpful for coordinating between band members. It lets you talk via a chat function, organize conversations according to topic or members, and upload files. Monday is a visual project management tool that lets you give real-time status updates for projects. This lets large numbers of staff get on the same page. IFTT is a helpful tool for repetitive tasks, specifically posting to social media. Managing a venue means keeping a social media presence but this can be time-consuming and IFTT can help. These are helpful apps, but the advantage of using a band booking software like Oz is that many capabilities of these apps can be consolidated and integrated with each other.


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