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I have been using OZ for over 4 years! As a unique business that owns two separate companies, we need the ability for both companies to interact with each other. OZ allows us to invoice from one company, while simultaneously contracting with another - saving us a ton of time.

Oz allows us to track our tasks, follow ups and utilize the company calendar. Customer service is available at the drop of a hat, and questions are typically addressed within a few hours. We don’t run our company the way a standard business may run and need to have flexibility - OZ give us all that.

Kelly Lamb
Magnificent Events Ltd.

OZ has been a game changer for our office and has made our contracting, invoicing and follow up processes much more proficient. I love that every single detail of each event is located in one electronic folder. And, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can navigate to any contact, event, venue, invoice or email!

Not only is OZ an incredible product, customer service is second to none! Questions are answered by a human, not a machine. Simply put, OZ is the best system for our industry!

Jason Scarcelli
Lorio Ross Events & Entertainment

I enjoy working with Oz and its creator, Carmen Tomassetti. Oz is a powerful, affordable program that has helped get my wedding, party planning and execution under control. I have used Oz for almost a year and continue to learn more about its many capabilities and how to leverage them to my advantage. Carmen is extremely responsive to my needs and desired customizations. I’m a believer!

Dudley Hamlin
Holiday Hill Day Camp