Online Catering Management Software

Oz will help you to keep your online catering business organized and boost your productivity and efficiency. OZ App was created to ease the administration workload of a catering business. With the help of our online catering management software, you find yourself spending less time on administrative tasks so that you can increase productivity and spend more time doing the actual work you love.

Features of Our Online Catering Management Software:

Oz Application helps you run your catering business online and boost both efficiency and productivity. Owners or managers of catering businesses benefit when they use the software tools Oz application offers to manage their catering management.

Friendly interface and Easy to Us

Oz application’s online catering management software has a very user-friendly interface. From new caterers to those who have been in the business for years, everyone can use this software to improve efficiency and production. Oz App’s software is platform and device-independent, meaning that you can access it from any operating system and any device, including Android, IOS, etc. No matter where you are, or what device you are using, the software allows you to focus on the real business and stay organized and on track.

Catering Task Management:

Oz application software allows you to create tasks for a particularly catering event and assign them to employees that are users of the software. You can conduct internal conversations on these tasks and organize tasks using categories like “general” or “focused”. Task management will allow you to organize your catering business. The software organizes your tasks for you and reminds you about pending tasks. Never miss a task again.

Catering Booking Management:

Booking catering events for your catering company can become complicated when working with multiple catering venues or customers. Oz online catering management software makes this easy by relating all of your event data so that you can view all information regarding a catered event in one place including emails, payments, orders/shipments, and reports.

Integration with Google Calendar:

The Oz App is fully integrated with Google Calendar so you’re able to connect your planned catered events with Google Calendar. In addition to being a web-based application, Oz application lets you sync to Google Calendar so you can access your schedule on any smartphone, tablet, etc. Google calendar keeps track of all your events and saves them in your drive so that you can access them wherever you are, on any device. It reminds you of any upcoming event.

Product/Service Management:

Oz Application does not just assemble a list of your services but uses the online catering management software to import your data, filter it for specific services or venues, and analyze it so you can make better business decisions.

Orders Management:

OZ application’s catering management software is designed in such a way that it keeps track of the orders you place for wholesale ingredients using the PDF versions of orders. Management of orders is one of the most important features that catering management software should have and allows you to become more efficient.

Quickbook Integration of Invoices, Payments made, and Payments Received:

With Oz application, you can integrate QuickBooks so that you can easily send and receive invoices, make payments to staff, and receive payments from customers and clients with just the click of a button. Stay organized wherever you are with QuickBooks integration.

CRM and Contact Management

For the growth and promotion of any business, your contact database is your most valuable sales and marketing asset as well as your go-to source for industry contacts, vendors, and the like. The more contacts you have the greater your growth potential. Software that makes it easier to foster customer relationship management is important for the growth of your catering business.

Why Choose Our Catering Management Software?

Oz Application software stands apart from all the other catering management software systems available because it is the most user friendly. OZ application was developed after its founder worked for over 30 years in the event booking business. He understands what caterers need to run their business.

  • Oz is the best online catering management software because it allows you the flexibility to manage your inventory, staff, and booked events with more efficiency. The software allows catering managers to be more organized, streamlining the booking process.
  • Using the software you can increase the number of events you book and still keep your clients satisfied because you will be so much more organized. You can manage your events from any device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop) at any time you want, accessing calendars, emails, contacts, and payments

Unmatched Customer Support

In addition to online video tutorials, if you have any problem regarding our catering management software or any function of our software then our tech support team is here to assist you 24/7.

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Planning and Organisational Tools Used in Catering Management

Our Online Catering Software works well with some well-known tools to help with catering organization and management including

  • Google Drive & Google Calendar: Google is fully integrated with Oz Applications, so you are able to use the Google drive strategically with the Oz catering management software for a smooth and user-friendly experience.
  • Evernote: As a caterer, you are a business person and a creative person. Evernote lets you work smart by saving doodles, conversations, pictures from social media, recipes, etc that inspire you.
  • Slack: If you rely on quick communication between your team members, Slack would be another great tool adding its convenient chat function.
  • QuickBooks: You can integrate QuickBooks with the Oz app and create/manage invoices right from Oz. This allows you a seamless process for your accounting and manages your catering business.


Testimonials of Clients

“Oz had revolutionized my catering business. I was using multiple platforms before Oz and it was getting overwhelming. Now I just use Oz and everything is just a click away.”

“I can’t believe it took me so long to find Oz. I’ll never use another catering management software.”

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