What Software do Venue Managers Use?

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Are you a venue or event manager or thinking about starting a new career as one? Are you wondering how venue managers keep track of their various clients, partnerships, invoices and important dates? Venue and event managers juggle so many important things, from billing, to aggregating contact lists, to meetings with potential clients, and, of course, venue locations. In order to keep these moving parts organized, it’s time to ditch the rolodex and move your records to a fully integrated event and wedding planner management software that works with your stream of consciousness and allows you to manage venues more efficiently.

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What are the Features of Wedding Venue Management Software?

The best wedding venue management software has some key features. The software should be comprehensive, meaning all of the functions you need to perform for your job are included in the software. For example, if you are a wedding planner, you would not want a wedding planner management software that did not include email because email is the primary mode of communication between you, clients, and other venue managers. Most software should provide a way for you to manage room or hall availability within a larger venue, create and assign tasks, organize contacts, manage leads, create contracts and manage documents. Venue management software includes even more features that streamline your process. It manages, processes and stores bills, purchase orders and accounts receivable/payable. On top of that this software should be fully integrated with billing software. What sets the Oz App apart is that it fully integrates with Quickbooks Payments, Microsoft Office and GSuite so you can seamlessly transfer from using a Google Calendar to scheduling an event on your preferred date in the Oz App. A wedding planner management software should also put an emphasis on your data. The Oz app not only stores your data safely and securely, but it also keeps it on the cloud so you can access it from anywhere on any device. In addition, you can download reports in digestible formats like Excel so you can have insights and analytics about your performance.

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What is a Venue Management System?

A venue management system is an overarching term for the venue management software, its integrations, and the features the system provides. The Oz App is a venue management system because it is a platform that provides management software, integrates with other programs like Quickbooks and Google, and is web-based so it can be accessed anywhere.

What is the Purpose of  Venue and Event Management?

The purpose of venue and event management is to keep track of events and venues including what is owed to or expected to be paid from various clients or customers. A wedding venue management software goes a step further by integrating and streamlining all of the tools you need in order to succeed at your job. A wedding planner management software is meant to aggregate functions like email, events, venues, and billing to one, easily navigable space instead of having functions split between multiple interfaces where they can be easily confused, missed or miscommunicated.

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What are the Advantages of Venue Management Software?

There are many advantages to using a venue management software. First, having this software can save you time which is the most valuable commodity in your industry. Instead of looking for a receipt or a name in a book, you can quickly search a name in a search bar and have an invoice, a contact, and all previous emails displayed. This gives you the time to find new clients, vet new venues, or train new employees! Second, wedding planner management software can make your business more efficient and productive. Because venue management software integrates all of the functions you need to perform for your job, you won’t miss an important date or forget details that could cost you, clients.

Why choose Oz App for your Wedding Venue Management Software?

Oz is an easy to use workflow tool designed specifically for venue and event management in mind. Oz is a fully integrated venue and wedding planner management software that organizes everything you need in a clear and easily navigable format. Because of this, Oz maximizes your efficiency and productivity. For example, Oz has a side navigation menu that directs you towards the events you are managing, tasks, inquiries, contacts, venues, invoices, reports, and your calendar. Oz also includes an email application that is fully integrated to whichever email server you may be using. Not only does it import your contacts, but it lets you create groups based on events or tasks you may be managing. The Oz App makes creating new events, venues, and contacts easy by including a create tab. Additionally, searching within the Oz App is as simple as clicking the search tool. Search results can be filtered by contacts, venues, events, tasks, etc. Overall, the Oz App includes all the work-flow functions you need as an event manager and is the ideal wedding venue management software. Best of all, Oz does not hide costs or nickel and dime you for user capabilities. Oz is available for a two-month free trial and after that is available to each user for $125 per month. If you are interested in getting started with a wedding planner management software, contact Oz App today.