Using Oz Application Event Planning Software to Plan your Next Virtual Wedding or Party

Event Planning Software

With the sudden necessity for social distancing, there has been a rise in the demand for virtual events. From Zoom meetings to happy hour chats with friends and family, people are increasingly turning online for their social gatherings. Another effect of social distancing is the increase in virtual parties. Many are reluctant to forego major life events such as bridal showers and birthdays, and others want to meet up with friends or family members safely and responsibly. This has created an increase in the need for event planning software for online parties, such as virtual weddings and graduation celebrations, in the last few months.

How to use Event Planning Software for your Next Virtual Event

If you are planning a virtual party, event planning software can facilitate the experience and make planning your event easier. Event planning involves communication and organization to bring together all the different elements required to create a virtual party, and event planning software can make the process seamless by integrating all of the various components of party planning. Oz Application software will help you keep track of invoices, communicate with guests and vendors, and the email and calendar integration feature ensures that all team members are on the same page during the virtual event planning.

How Event Software keeps Virtual Attendees Engaged

First and foremost, a virtual event is a party, and keeping the guests engaged and active is a major component of hosting a virtual party. Event planning software can help with maintaining the interest of the virtual guests as well as keeping the party mood going. By ensuring that every detail is thought out ahead of time, event software can ensure that your virtual party goes off without a hitch. Communication with entertainers like the DJ, easy payments to vendors, and the reporting feature that allows you to access the guest list and other data will ensure that the party runs smoothly and the guests remain engaged in the event throughout.

How Event Planning Software can build a Community and Facilitate Connections

Oz Application event planning software can help to build a community of vendors and clients through the use of the leads capture function. This allows you to easily create and send customized documents to your clients or vendors, including invoices and contracts. By collecting leads, you can compile lists of vendors that you want to work with, compare contracts and pricing, and create an unforgettable virtual event. The document and contract builder feature allows you to create custom contracts for each of your clients to quickly and easily send invoices or estimates.

How Event Planning Software can help keep up with Networking after the Event

One of the features of event planning software is the ability of the user to create and maintain connections, both during and after the event. While compiling vendor lists for a virtual wedding or virtual party, you can store and access vendor information safely, giving you the opportunity to instantly retrieve information from preferred vendors that you want to work with again. You can import your data from another program using a .csv file, allowing you to access your previous contact information without having to create new files in Oz.

How Oz Application Event Planning Software can work for Both in-Person and Virtual Events

Event planning software is not only useful during social distancing events, but it can be used for any event or party that you are planning. With features like task management, which allows you to centrally manage vendors and clients, and email management, which allows you to use the platform across different devices like a phone or tablet, Oz Application software can help you create a memorable party, whether online or in-person. You can easily communicate with team members, keep track of vendors and entertainers, and create contracts and request payments, all in one place.