How to Use Event Planning Software for an Outdoor Event

Outdoor Event

Summer means outdoor events in parks, conference facilities, country clubs, school fields, community fields, water parks, amusement parks, ballparks, and more. Thoughts about food turn to grilled options, ice cream and beer. People love to attend outdoor events after a long spell of being cooped up inside, but outdoor event planning has its own set of challenges.

What Event Planning Software Saves Time Planning and Executing Outdoor Events

When there seems to be nothing easy about planning an outdoor event, it is time to look for help in the form of event planning software that can keep you organized, on time and on budget. And these days, nothing is easy about planning an event; in these trying times, we need all the help we can get. So, let’s take a look at software options for event planning that can swing the dial in your favor. With warm weather and COVID welcoming outdoor events, Event Planning Software will quickly become your right-hand-man for all your summer event planning. The following list of important features for evaluating outdoor event management software systems will help you pinpoint the software you need to:


Organize and Manage Your Event Tasks : Your software tool should facilitate easy communication between your team, vendors and your client, including the ability to share calendars for ever changing schedules.

Organize your Leads in One Place and Customize Contracts, Proposals and Invoices: Your event management software tool needs to provide you the ability to customize and design your documents, collect signatures and payments, and turn interactions with your customers into the outdoor events they expect.

Facilitate Communication from Anywhere: Your event management software should facilitate communication with everyone on your phone and email list whether you are on your phone, laptop or iPad. You should be able to create a branded registration page so that you can automate ticket sales and collection.

Handle All Reporting: Your event management software should organize all reports so that you can refer to them in seconds and print all your documents as PDFs easily whenever you need to do so.

Create and Keep Templated Contracts You Can Customize: Your event management software should allow you to easily create, customize and store all documents necessary to plan and run an outdoor event. You should be able to change colors, logos, fonts, banners and more.

How do I Create a Floor Plan for an Outdoor Event?

Outdoor venues need the same amount of consideration given to their “floor plans” as indoor venues. You will want to arrange your space with a thoughtfully designed floor plan. Set it based on the venue’s space to incorporate the arrangements that work best for maximum celebration! Should tables be a combination of round, long, banquet, and cocktail? If you’ve saved floor plan templates you won’t have to start from scratch, but one way or another you will be sure the space looks and flows exactly as it is meant to. Play around with where you want your speakers or toast-givers or decide where the water stations and food stations should go. From there, store your floor plan design in the cloud and retrieve it when you need it.

What are some of the Planning Tools used in Outdoor Event Management?

You should look for tools to help you manage venue selection, all types of permits necessary for your event, logistics, timelines, emergency stations, portable restrooms, security, volunteers, attendees, weather insurance, sponsors, entrance and ticketing, timelines, food and beverages, entertainment, rentals, transportation, sanitation, and cleanup. There is a lot of planning necessary for a successful outdoor event.

How do you Organize an Event Checklist for an Outdoor Event?

Not every event works outside, and while we are all eager to start getting together again after a very long winter in the US, it’s important to make sure your event really does work in an outdoor setting. You’ll need to select the perfect outdoor venue and make sure you get all the necessary permits, as well as understand the venue’s capacity and amenities they provide to ensure it can handle your event.

You’ll also need a backup plan in case of inclement weather and you may consider purchasing weather-related insurance. You’ll also want to plan exactly how you will set up equipment with paths clear from extension cords and access to power.

After the COVID pandemic, it is also important to plan to have plenty of hand wipes and a sanitizer, extra masks, and of course access to sunscreen and bug spray and emergency first aid kits.

Summer outdoor events like weddings and community fundraisers are fun and exciting but require exceptional organization. You should have all the tools you need to take advantage of summer’s nice weather when you plan your next outdoor event.

How can Oz App Help plan your Next Outdoor Event?

Oz is the event planning management software designed for everyone from caterers to event planners. Oz keeps the most important documents, invoices, schedules and so much more into one neat cloud-based service. Maximize efficiency and never lose even an email again. Oz allows you to store and easily access your invoices, reports, staff, emails, leads, product orders, and contracts all through the cloud. It also allows you to track your sales, boost your ROI and expand your market. No other app completely understands the importance of making a friend out of chaos in the event industry like Oz does.

Keep track of all your clients’ guest lists, upcoming events, and keep track of your sales progress throughout the years to perfectly tailor your business. Oz even lets you build customizable contracts that you can share with your clients and between other vendors in the industry. Oz is perfect for anyone running a business in the event industry. We work with caterers, planners, producers, entertainment, and even the nuanced vendors like late-night coffee carts, unique food service ideas, or a pop-up photo booth. Anything your clients want to make their day unique, we can help you arrange. Oz simplifies your job by acting as your personal assistant throughout the entire process. We organize the information you have been working on since the beginning and streamline it for you to make decisions rather than spending your time hand sorting and organizing. Keep track of every last detail down to the band leader’s first name or the cost of each floral arrangement, we have you covered.

Schedule Guide

We have spent countless hours considering the problems and solutions of the event industry, so we know that scheduling a meeting time that works for everyone is just shy of impossible. Oz acts as a centralized Consumer Resource Manager by integrating your email and calendar so you can easily find and send your availability. Gone are the days of fifteen back-and-forth emails before settling on a meeting time! We also store important contacts for quick retrieval and help you keep track of individual tasks with their due dates and any ancillary information you still may be missing. Keep a running checklist of necessities for your next outdoor event

Oz simplifies your job by acting as your personal assistant throughout the entire process. We organize the information you have been working on since the beginning and streamline it for you to make decisions rather than spending your time hand sorting and organizing through documents and contracts Organize your schedule and the thousands of others you have to coordinate easily through the Oz app. Seamlessly schedule and arrange your meetings, tastings, and fittings between all your vendors. No app before Oz has ever considered exactly what you need to keep you on schedule. For more information about All In One Event Management Software and the Oz App, click here.