How to Postpone and Reschedule an Event Using Event Management Software

Now and Later

How do you Politely and Efficiently Postpone an Event?

We’re with you. It’s a hard pill to swallow alone that you have to postpone this event you’ve been dreaming of and working towards for months or even years. It’s even harder to muster up the strength to tell your client’s friends and family of the news. This situation is less than ideal. Just know, you’re not alone. And as much as everyone wants to celebrate, they will be grateful that you are taking their health and safety into consideration.

Remember, it’s not just the guests you have to keep posted. Be mindful of your vendors, and do it early so you can have first dibs on a new date that works for all your vendors. While we have no blueprint for this, we are all in it together. Your vendors will be understanding and as accommodating as possible, and it really helps to contact them earlier rather than later. Because of COVID, some vendors are opening up their business for different kinds of services for socially distanced, and much smaller weddings. For those who would rather have everyone celebrating than some, and opt to postpone their date, many vendors are willing to work with their clients to find financial solutions like waiving change fees or lowering deposits.

How do you Announce a Postponed Event?

Stay on brand! Whether it’s using the same design as your invitations and save-the-dates or using your own candid voice to send the message, we recommend keeping things comfortable. Whatever the reason is, a postponement is unexpected and it’s okay to own it.

To make it a little easier, we encourage relaying facts. Let everyone know how upset it makes you that you won’t all be together on your date, and how much you’ve looked forward to everything the event will offer. Remind them that when the time is right, you will celebrate together! In fact, tell them they mean so much to you that you won’t put their health at risk! Tell them that as soon as you have an update, you will let them know so that you can once again look forward to all being together.

We’ve seen some great ideas from “New Plan” including the new information, to brides wearing white pajamas on their original date to show off their new plan, to social media posts. The rules have not yet been written, so feel free to have some fun and some creative liberty in announcing your new plans.

How do you Organize Rescheduling an Event?

First things first, set up zoom meetings with your vendors. Talk to them about exploring your options. If you are looking to postpone your event, you can work with all of them to find a date that works for you and your vendors. Typically, photographers, videographers, caterers and venues book up first. All ancillary vendors are important to talk to early on, too but prioritize those four. From there, be sure to contact your baker, linen orders, DJ and band, and anyone else relevant to making your day perfect. Once all is rescheduled, send out a message with a new date and new plan to your guests! They will be thrilled to know the celebration is back on!

How can Oz App Help you Manage Event Planning even When Everything Needs to be Rescheduled?

Keep everything in one place! Stop shuffling through papers and mixing up your old plans with your new ones. The last thing you want is to forget an important document after all the hard work you’ve put into planning not one, but two weddings! Oz helps you keep everything in one place and prevents you from losing anything important again. Best of all, it is compatible with your calendar to sync all your emails, meetings, tastings and fittings. We promise we’ll get through this together.