Get Started

Transitioning to OZ® is simple and painless. Here’s what you need:

User Data:

  • Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Email Signatures
  • Mobile Phone Number

Personal Data:

  • Excel templates are available to ease your transition into OZ® software.
  • Our staff is ready to assist you at any time!
  • Super Administrators can easily edit your company settings.
  • Google Apps

    We can set you up with a 30 day free trial of Google Apps $5 per user per month thereafter. Cancel at anytime. What is Google Apps? Imagine all email, all docs, Excel, Word, PowerPoint all accessible and sharable online from any computer, phone or tablet ALWAYS avail as long as you have an Internet connection. Also your contacts online and always synced with your computer, iPhone, tablet, android. If you know what an exchange server is, then think of it as a new night stand because that’s all it will be good for when you're through: Google does everything that your exchange server does AND they manage the server! GOOGLE APPS WEB SITE Who is using Google Apps?