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Getting Started

$125 per user with discounts as your user base grows.
More than anything, Oz wants to earn your trust. There are no long-term contracts with us.

Accessing Oz

Oz is ideally suited for large offices with multiple employees. You can add and remove an unlimited number of employees as you see fit.
Oz does not have a mobile app, but we are platform agnostic. You can reach the Oz browser from your laptop, phone, iPad, and more.

Data Storage

Yes. We just need your information in .csv format, one hour to get you up and running, and we’ll handle the rest.
Yes, we use AWS cloud storage to maintain confidentiality of your data. You can access your data anytime, anywhere.
We hold for 30-90 days should you want to come back or we delete immediately should you request.

Using Oz

Yes! With Oz, you can have multiple day bookings in one event. You can also book multiple rooms in one venue.
Oz is integrated with Quickbooks Online Version, Google Calendar, Google Documents and all email programs.
Oz has a User table where you can assign various permissions. For example your bookings are your business. You can assign different permissions so some people can approve the booking, and some can or can’t delete or edit your bookings. You will have 100% control of your events and your bookings.

Customer Service

We offer phone and email support with a live person during business hours, and any call or email you deem important after hours we will respond if not immediately, then shortly after.
We exist for our customers and don’t exist without our customers. We generally reply immediately and implement all suggestions as long as the suggestions positively affect the entire user base.
Unlimited at no cost.

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