Entertainment Booking and Management Software

Entertainment is the soul of every event, and event management software ensures that the band that is performing, catering service that is feeding the crowd, or event venue selection is done to the client’s specifications. Making sure entertainment is successful requires organization, planning, and creativity. Every good event planner can use the help of an entertainment event booking software with inbuilt entertainment management features to help you seamlessly handle every job.

Entertainment Booking and Management Software  

Features of our Entertainment Management Software

Oz application’s Entertainment Management Software is one of a kind software in which you can book and manage your event, band, catering service, and venue all at the same time. As an entertainment provider, you are well aware of the myriad of things you need to keep in mind in order to organize the perfect event, and that’s where our software can provide organization for all your tasks.

Here are some of the important features of OZ application’s Entertainment Management Software

Contract Builder:

Oz application’s entertainment management software creates a workspace that collects all important information in one place, so you don’t have to search for the information you need. Here you can find your contact list, check and respond to emails, and build or consulting contracts.

Document Storage & Management:

Many sensitive documents need to be stored safely and managed for easy access. Oz application’s entertainment management software allows you to securely store and manage your important documents.

Accounts Receivable & Payable Management:

Oz application’s entertainment management software provides customers with a trusted and safe way to make and receive payments from clients and customers. Our payments feature is secure, allowing you to schedule your payments, set reminders of your payments, and manage them all at one time without worry.

Bill Storage and Management for Your Entire Company:

Our Software not only manages your payments it also manages all your bills and billing details so that when you need them you can find them easily.

E-mail Management:

Our entertainment management software allows you to manage all your work-related email so that you never miss any important update and can find specific emails easily.

Schedule and assign tasks with email and text reminders:

One of the important features of our entertainment management software is that you can set reminders for scheduling and assigning team tasks, Our software uses emails and texts for reminders

Build itineraries with staff and vendor assignments:

Oz application’s entertainment management software helps you build itineraries of tasks for the vendors and staff before any event.

Create Timelines:

Our intelligent entertainment management software helps you create timelines for different events to help you and your team avoid confusion and carry out the event successfully.

Create and share event calendars along with your comments and notes:

Oz Application’s entertainment management software is synced with Google calendar so that you can schedule your events and manage them from any device which is available for you, i.e- I-phone, Android, or Windows.

Why Choose Us for Your Entertainment management software

There are many Entertainment management software packages available, and choosing the perfect one for you can be a difficult task. Our software is designed with you in mind, making it extremely user-friendly. Our Entertainment management software has many useful features, designed by someone with years in the business. All tasks related to entertainment management are easy and well thought out. You can use Oz application on any device and any operating system plus it’s integrated with Google Drive and Google calendar for more efficiency. Our software has been tested by event planners, anyone who books entertainment, caterers, and venue managers who all have been helped by using our entertainment management software.

Here are some of the Extra tools used in Entertainment Management

Here are some free tools that may be helpful when planning an event.

Note- These tools are not integrated and it’s much easier to manage events using our entertainment management and booking software.

  • Trello is a free application available that helps you with planning and organization of events.
  • Slack’s free version allows you to stay in contact with your co-workers and customers for efficient communication and better events.
  • Pocket is a great application whose feature is to bookmark and save information and online documents to be used later.
  • Evernote’s basic plan will assist you in making lists and save information for you.

You won’t need any of these tools if you use our entertainment management and booking software to boost your efficiency.

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