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Oz Applications will help you to manage your band booking and increase booking efficiency. OZ App was created by a band manager who understands the business. The software is robust enough to take care of every aspect of brad booking and beyond.

What are the Characteristics of Oz Band Booking Software?

Oz application helps you to run your entertainment business with maximum productivity. If you’re a musician, DJ, orchestra, manager, or agent you can take advantages of the integrated tools that Oz application includes in its band booking software.

  • Prospect/Lead Management: Have you made a recent contact that could lead to a potential gig for your entertainment business? If so, you know that keeping this contact separate from existing clients & planned gigs is important so you’re able to keep regular communication with your prospective band booking. Oz has a feature that helps you input and manages leads so you can turn them into paid gigs.
  • Events/Booking Management: Booking multiple events for your band can be a complicated task when working with various venues or many band members. Oz band booking software makes this quite easy by connecting all event data so that you can see all information related to an event altogether in one place including participants, emails, payments, etc.
  • Google Calendar Integration: The Oz application is completely synced with Google Calendar so that you’re able to connect and sync your events booked with the Google Calendar. As your software is synced to Google Calendar so that you can access your booking schedule from any device including tablet, Phone, etc.
  • Portability: OZ Application is a complete web-based Band Booking Software that syncs to the cloud. This means that the Oz App lets you access your software for anywhere anytime.
  • Contract creation: Booking a gig means coming to an agreement with a venue or event host or even with collaborating artists. Oz lets you create contracts and send them to the appropriate party via PDF. Don’t rely on hard copies and hand deliveries to book a gig. Use Oz band booking software to streamline the process and make bookings more efficient.

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Why Choose our Band Booking Software?

We know you are looking for the best band booking software for your organization. Since the OZ App was created by an entertainment management professional who has more than 30 years of experience managing entertainment events, we feel that our software is perfect for every job associated with band management. In the OZ app, we have created a band booking software ideal for the nitty-gritty of band booking professionals. Take 15 minutes to review a DEMO of the Oz app and discover for yourself what makes our software the best band booking software on the market.

    • Oz’s band booking software allows you to increase your band booking efficiency and productivity by organizing and streamlining the booking process.
    • You can access critical tools from our band management software from any device at any time including calendars, emails, contracts, and payments.
  • Functions in the Oz app are tightly integrated so you can access any of the information you need with just a single click.

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What are some of the planning and organizational tools used in band booking?

There are some popular tools out there to help you with band booking planning and management that includes the following:

  • Google Drive: Google is fully synced with Oz, so you can use the drive strategically with the Oz application band booking software.
  • Trello: Trello is an app that helps you make a virtual whiteboard or a to-do list that is conveniently shared with groups.
  • Slack: Slack is one of the most popular platforms used to communicate between groups of people. For coordinating between band members, Slack can give Oz users an extra edge over competitors. It lets you talk via a chat function, organize conversations according to topic or members.

These are some of the helpful applications, but the plus point of using a band booking software like Oz is that there are many capabilities of these applications that can be consolidated and synced with each other for better user experience.


“I use Oz every single day. It’s made booking so much easier and I’m truly impressed. Thanks Oz!”
“We’ve never booked so many gigs until we started using Oz. We can sort through emails and make contracts so quickly. It’s really made a difference.”
“We are so thankful for Oz’s supportive team. When we first started using the software we were unsure, but it’s really so intuitive. Now our productivity is through the roof and we’re booking more than ever.”

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